Puppy Dog Walking in Staines and Dog Walkers in Ashford Middlesex Puppy Walker Laleham Dog Walking Shepperton Surrey

Also Puppy Walking in Ashford Middlesex Dog Walker in Staines Puppy Walker Shepperton Surrey Dog Walking Laleham on Thames

At F.E.T.C.H. we are only too aware of how busy modern life can be which is why our dog walking service is designed to fit around your needs whether you are at work, absent from home for the day or just unwell. Our services are also helpful to the elderly & those who find it difficult to regularly walk their dogs especially the energetic ones! It also ensures your dog has regular exercise which will improve your dog's health and happiness as well as help prevent behavioural problems caused by excess energy or boredom.

As a dog walker I only go on 'safe walks' in the country, enclosed parks or on the river towpath away from roads, where if the owner permits & the dog's 'recall' is good, their dog can be let off the lead to run and explore. As I'm primarily a trainer & for their safety, I only walk a maximum of three dogs at a time & as their confidence grows, I do encourage them to play & socialise with other dogs as this is such an important psychological factor for any dog. Most importantly, there is a reason that your dog gets so excited at 'walkies' time. It's because it's FUN! I always interact with the dogs I'm walking, quite simply because it makes the walk as enjoyable for me as it is for the dogs. (Well, almost, dogs really do enjoy their walk ;~)

You can rest assured that I will always care for your dogs as though they are my own. Before taking on your dog, I will arrange a meeting with you to introduce myself to both you & your dog & to ensure I have all the relevant information about their temperament and behaviour. We collect your dog from your home at a time that suits you & the length of the walk excludes the time it takes to pick up your dog. If you have any further questions or would like to arrange a meeting please feel free to call or send us an e-mail, contact details are on our About Us page.

As we're located in the South East, we can provide Dog Walking in Staines Upon Thames, Puppy Walking in Ashford Middlesex & have Puppy Walkers in Shepperton Surrey & Dog Walkers in Laleham as well as in Upper Halliford Charlton Village Littleton We can also provide Dog Walking in Ashford Middx, Puppy Walking in Laleham, as well as Upper Halliford & have Dog Walkers in Shepperton as well as Puppy Walkers in Staines Littleton & Charlton Village. Postcodes covered comprise TW15 TW16 TW17 TW18 TW19 TW20
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