Dog training in Hounslow Richmond & Twickenham area

 Does your dog Or is your dog
   • Take you for a walk?       • Anxious if you leave the house?
   • Ignore your recall?   • Afraid to get in your car?
   • Jump up at visitors?   • Possessive with toys or food?

We can help with these hassles & many more by using incentive & distraction training.

At F.E.T.C.H we are very well experienced in dealing with a wide range of behavioural problems from dominant puppies who nip or try to manipulate you, excitable dogs like the lead pullers, the diggers & jumpers, insecure dogs who bark at people and dogs, to those that like to chase cars or bikes, to timid rescue dogs who are startled by their own shadow. We see your dog in its own home to take an holistic view of the environment, lifestyle and breed, all of which play a part in its behaviour.

With a basic understanding of the structure a dog needs , how to give them balance and order, life with your dog will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience and we can show you how both of you can live in harmony.

Our training methods rely on motivating dogs to want to please us rather than forcing them to obey and once the most effective motivation is found for your dog, we can teach them virtually anything. Ensuring the training is really enjoyable for them and that they’ll be excited & keen to please you. Wagging tails are almost mandatory! From our experience harsh methods & raised voices simply excite, agitate or intimidate, your dog & so are unproductive. Not only is no special equipment needed, in fact, we don't even use our voice initially as this can be distracting & agitating to both dog & owner, we simply add the words once a dog understands our body language. (You'll be amazed at what your dog can do without a word being spoken!)

Dogs usually establish their position in the household within 14 days of entering your home so it cannot be emphasised strongly enough how beneficial rehabilitation training can be if administered at an early stage! We also cover basic training for sit, stay, recall & walking to heel as well as puppy training & rescue dog rehabilitation.

Areas covered are Twickenham Hounslow Heston Chiswick Brentford Ealing Hampton Hill Ham Kew Osterley & also in Shepperton Charlton Village Teddington Hampton Court. We can also offer Dog Training in Hanwell Isleworth Hanworth Richmond Barnes Hampton Wick, as well as Hampton Harlington Acton Whitton Colnbrook. Based near the Surrey & South West London border we can offer dog training consultations in Isleworth Richmond Brentford Chiswick Hampton Wick & Teddington along with Ealing Barnes Hampton & Colnbrook. We also train in Twickenham Hounslow Heston Hanworth & can travel to Hampton Court Ham Shepperton Harlington as well as Whitton Hampton Hill Osterley Acton.
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